Golden Crowned Snake

Species name: (Cacophis squamulosus)

Other Common names: 

Crowned Snake.

Weakly Venomous
Golden Crowned Snake

Golden Crowned Snake.

Significance to Humans: 

Weakly venomous

Possible Danger. All crowned snakes are reluctant biters. They will rear up in bluff display & may 'mock strike' with mouth closed. The Golden Crowned is the largest Crowned snake & will bite if highly provoked. As with any snake bite apply correct first aid and seek medical attention.

General description: 

Grayish-brown to dark brown with salmon to orange belly with mid line of black spots. 'Crown' of parallel creamy-yellow or paler yellow-brown single stripe starting at snout & sweeping back either side of face and along neck, generally across eyes. Crown does not form band across nape of neck. May be incorrectly identified as a small Red Bellied Black Snake. Midbody scales at 15 rows.

Average Length: 

50cm but specimens to 90cm are known.

Habitat in SE Qld: 

Rainforest, and sheltered, moist areas within open forest eg; creek lines amongst litter, rocks, logs etc. Wherever good, lush ground cover prevails.

General habits: 



Lizards such as skinks and their eggs. Also small frogs.

Local distribution: 

Generally restricted to moister suburbs or homes near well vegetated riparian margins.

Around the home: 

Under compost, logs and stones in well-vegetated gardens Compost heaps, moist garden areas with abundant leaf-litter, and around rockeries provide ideal habitat.

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