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Rely on Professional, licensed and experienced Snake Catchers in the Gold Coast

Many different species of snakes reside on the Gold Coast and surrounding Hinterlands. It's not only this diversity but also the density of snakes in the region that results in unwelcome encounters around or within people's property or places of business. When you find a snake, you want to act quickly minimising the likelihood of risk to yourself, your family and pets. Instead of engaging the snake simply call Gold Coast Snake Catchers to find a professional and highly experienced snake catcher who will come to your home anytime of the day or night and safely remove the snake from your property.

What to Do When you Encounter a Snake

Many people panic when they see a snake on their property, however, this response only brings about potential for harm or risk surrounding the situation. Snakes are shy and reclusive by nature but will defend themselves if threatened or provoked. Therefore, do not try to touch, capture, or kill the snake; simply keep an eye on the animal from a safe distance. If you are unsure whether it is venomous or not, you can take a picture and show the snake catcher when he arrives for a positive identification. This is especially helpful if the snake eludes your best efforts to keep an eye on it and disappears. While the snake is on your property, be sure to keep any of your pets, family members, and other people away from the area. If a snake makes its way inside your home or workplace, keep an eye on it and clear the area. Where someone is unable to keep a direct eye on the snake try to contain the animal in a room, using a damp towel jammed under the closed door where possible to minimise the risk of the snake making its way into other areas of the premises. You should also keep the number for Gold Coast Snake Catchers handy so that you can act right away to reduce any risk to you, your family or your employees.

Why Call Professional Snake Catchers in the Gold Coast

The vast majority of snakebites (statistically 95%!!) occur because people try to kill or capture the animal, resulting in a defensive response from the snake. Conversely, snakes that are not engaged with do not pose a danger if people and pets are managed correctly. If you perceive the snake to be a direct threat to your situation, then you can call your local professional Gold Coast snake catchers to rid your property safely of the reptile. You should always maintain a continued watch on the snake or the area it was last seen in until your Gold Coast snake catcher arrives. If the snake catcher does not have a good idea of where to begin inspecting for the snake, there is no guarantee the animal will be located.

Why Trust Gold Coast Snake Catchers

When you contact a snake catcher on the Gold Coast, you want to work with someone who has long-term experience handling all species of snakes, rather than a hobbyist. The more experience the snake catcher has, the less risk to you, your family or employees. Additionally a highly experienced snake catcher will certainly improve the chances of the snake being located and removed. With Gold Coast Snake Catchers, you have access to professional and experienced people that are comprehensively licensed and insured and who are available 24/7 to capture all species, while keeping you, your family, and your pets safe. They understand the urgent need presented when you find a snake, which is why they rapidly respond to calls and have backup staff ready to assist wherever possible.

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