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Safe Removals by an Experienced Snake Catcher and Quick Removal by Licensed Catchers

Snakes commonly find a way into homes, office buildings, and backyards, even in urban and suburban areas. There are several different serpent species living in Australia, including both harmless and venomous varieties. Handling the capture of a snake yourself puts you at risk, as the snake may feel threatened and respond with defensive action. To stay safe, you should call Gold Coast Snake Catchers for professional, experienced, and licensed snake catcher who will quickly and safely handle all snake removals.

The Best Plan for Snake Removal

Before an unexpected encounter with a snake around your home or business property, you should have a plan in place for safe, risk-free snake removal. There is no need for panic or fear when you see a snake at close quarters. Snakes are far more intimidated by your presence than we should be of them; therefore, the best plan of action is to simply let them be, especially if they are outside. Snakes are most often transient and will pass through your backyard quite readily, so the need for a snake catcher may be limited to the safety of your pets or other personal factors that increase the risk of a perceived problem. If you do decide you require a snake catcher, then you should let a professional handle the situation. Most snakebites occur due to inexperienced and reactive individuals trying to capture or kill the reptile. Gold Coast Snake Catchers will be able to help effectively remove the snake from your property eliminating any risk to you or your pets.

The Importance of Finding an Experienced Snake Catcher

There are many self-professed snake catchers out there proclaiming themselves as professional snake handlers, so it can be hard to decide on the right person or business to call when you are in need of experienced and long term proven specialists offering snake removals. When you contact a prospective handler ask about their experience and be sure to enquire as to the status of both their Damage Mitigation Permit for snake removals and whether they have relevant Public Liability insurance. This will indicate both the professional status of the snake handler you engage and also ensure you are covered for any incident that may occur whilst the handler is on your property. Rather than engaging amateurs or hobbyists you want to ensure you receive a quality, risk free service. You also want someone who can identify the species of snakes that are found within your area, as this will demonstrate an ability to interpret your site dynamics that may influence aspects of the pending capture. The experts at Gold Coast Snake Catchers have long-term experience and knowledge of all snake species that occur within the Gold Coast and Hinterland region.

Why Contact Gold Coast Snake Catchers

Gold Coast Snake Catchers provides much more than just expert and professional snake removal services. We are available 24/7 for quick turnaround service no matter the time or day of the week. There is also backup staff ready to help out when needed. We recognise that for many people having a snake in your home or office is an urgent matter that needs to be handled appropriately for the safety of all people and possibly pets involved. We can also provide snake identification services to help you determine an immediate plan of action when you see a snake in your backyard.

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